Radical Rush Week “Disorientation Guide”

Check out our Disorientation Guide for Radical Rush Week! It has the schedule of events, profiles of groups and ongoing struggles, a map of cool stuff in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, and a bunch more. We have a .PDF for reading and one for printing too!

For reading: Disorientation Guide (for web reading)

For printing (on 11×17 paper): Disorientation Guide (for printing)

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The First Wave of Events

The UNControllables present the first wave of scheduled events for Radical Rush 2013 at UNC Chapel Hill.

More will be listed in coming days. If you would like to get a relevant event placed on the Radical Rush calendar, please contact us.

Radical Rush 2013:

      • Monday, September 2nd

        Counter Cartographies Collective presents “What is the University?” (5-7 pm)
        What are the effects of UNC in terms of investments, debt, and gentrification?
        (Meet in the Pit!)

      • Tuesday, September 3rd

        Gender and Migration Flash! seminar (5 – 6 pm)

        Presented by professors Ariana Vigil, Altha Cravey, and guest speaker.
        Much like a “Flash Mob” encourages spontaneous dancing, a “Flash! Seminar” fosters spontaneous learning. No RSVP or previous knowledge is required.
        (FPG Student Union, Room 3102)

        Strike the Hikes: Student Organizing Against Tuition Increases  (7 pm)

        These days national student debt hovers around $1.1 trillion, thus crippling the futures of a generation-yet the UNC system still faces tuition increases. Come sit down with SDS and get involved with the movement for an affordable and accessible education!
        (Meet on the steps of Wilson Library)

      • Wednesday, September 4th

        Panel on Internationalist Books and Social Movements in Chapel Hill/Carrboro (4 pm)
        Participants from the Internationalist Books and Community Center volunteer collective will present a panel on the many groups and projects that use the resources of the space to support their work and organizing. This event is a great opportunity for students new to the area to learn about one piece of resistance history in Chapel Hill and to learn more about and connect with local organizing projects.
        (at Internationalist Books)

        The Police State in North Carolina: surveillance and repression against activists in North Carolina (6 pm)
        a talk by Eric Ginsburg. This article by Eric Ginsburg clarifies the urgency of the matter.
        (FPG Student Union, Room 2420)

      • Thursday, September 5th (7 pm)

        “Capitalism & Resistance in the 21st Century,”
        presented by CrimethInc.
        This video by CrimethInc points toward the territory they hope to cover.
        (FPG Student Union Room 3408)

      • Friday, September 6th (9:00 pm)

        Awesome punk show
        (at Nightlight)

      • Sunday, September 8th

        Internationalist Prison Books Packing Day (1:00 pm)
        We constantly need help filling prisoner book requests. The work is very fulfilling: read a letter from a prisoner, find some books in our library and package them for mailing. There’s no need to sign up ahead of time and you can stay for as long as you wish.
        (621 Hillsborough Road, Carrboro, NC 27510)

        Paperhand Puppet Intervention presents: INVISIBLE EARTH (7:00 pm)
        At the Forest Theater, right near campus!
        $12 with a 6:20 pre-show but no one turned away for lack of funds.

      • Monday, September 9th (7-9pm)

        Radical Rush Finale:
        Skillshare, hands-on occurrence, reflections on radical possibilities at UNC… Details as they are clarified. at Internationalist Books

These are only the events the UNControllables and our partners have planned so far. Become a part of Radical Rush! Email us to see your group’s radical social justice event syndicated here and in our upcoming printed Disorientation Guide.

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